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Testimonials from clients

"Calico Communications is one of the best organized small businesses in the Ottawa area. Catherine is prompt with anything she does. Everything is added, corrected and enhanced even before you are even aware of it."

Paula Zoubek

"After numerous experiences with "website designers" who were inexpensive because they were playing at it in their spare time, I have to say that Catherine Gutsche is the answer to all of my concerns and needs. She is available full-time and because she is such a professional, her fees work out to actually be less than the part-time wiz-kids only because it takes her less time to do the work! I highly recommend Catherine's services if you want to keep your website current and up to date without the hassles."

Susan Ashbrook

"Working with Catherine at Calico Communications was most definitely a good experience. I was able to communicate my wants and needs, my likes and dislikes, and she was very responsive to me; Any changes or alterations were easily and quickly handled Creating my website with Catherine was an interactive project, my sense of creativity was respected and brought through, and I ended up with a website that I'm very pleased with!"

Bina Mirza

"Catherine Gutsche has been an efficient and competent asset in building my web sites. She listened well and provided what I requested. She also advised me when my ideas were not practical. When I needed support, she was quickly available to help me resolve problems. Her services have been a positive experience and I would recommend her to anyone."

Pat DuBreuil

"Thanks so much for all the great work you have done setting up and maintaining my website. I really appreciate your expertise when it comes to the technology involved, but more than that, it's great to work with a fellow artist because you have such an innate sense of the esthetics. The website looks good from an artistic point of view as well as being informative."

Cheers, Anne



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